Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post 515

I passed the 500 mark a while back and didn't even realize it. So here it is, my 515th post. Cue the dancing elephants.

Sadly, I heard today that George Clooney's pet potbellied pig passed away.

In other news, the wee one I watch was overtired and had a bit of meltdown. So her parents are staying home tonight. Along with, um, me, so I can do my laundry and eat bacon pizza. Then on Thursday I'm off to a Wonton Fest, inspired by the Pierogi fest. I shall bring a fruit salad, in the rockin' 50's punch bowl I got for five nine nine at the Goodwill in Central Square.

xxxooo, bitches!

(sorry. i've always wanted to write that.)


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