Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Rock and a Sock: Deux

OK so I accidentally posted the first video second and the second video first. So you should watch the video UNDERNEATH this one, then watch this, then watch the Finis. So sorry.

And, some background: My dear friend Walnut and I went to the Hahhhhhhhvahd Museum of Natural History on Sunday. (That's where I took the photo of the pocket weasel.) Walnut purchased for us a geode. A geode is a magical thing. On the outside, it is ugly. But inside there is a beautiful surprise. Can you think of some other things that are this way? Quasimodo, perhaps? Hmmm.

Anyhoo using the power of technology (read: the camera Dr. Moo gave me for my birthday), and some help from Walnut, I shot this series. As it involves rocks and there are rocks on mountains and there are mountains in Banff, that is the film festival I am sure they will one day play at.




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