Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween in Fancytown

Well just in case you happen to be in Beantown on October 31, looking for a place to trick-or-treat, Beacon Hill is the place to be. Lots of beautiful brick homes all decked out and their residents sitting out on their stoops with big baskets of candy. This is Max, child of A and S, who were kind enough to invite me to tag along on his first Halloween. He went as a bunny. We went as the farmers who found him our cabbage patch. We toured the neighborhood for awhile, stopping to get candy from Little Brother and his wife, and then the fellow above insisted we get a shot of him with the best-looking baby (and mommy) he'd seen all night. Then some friends of A and S very kindly invited us in and fed us a wonderful meal and we got to watch the action on the street from inside. It was a great night!



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