Thursday, October 23, 2008


I realized I never wrote about, A, my latest trip to NYC and, B, the first time I farted in front of Dr. Moo's boyfriend.

A: NYC was not the greatest, but based on the amazing time I've had the last few trips, I was due for a less-than-stellar one. I did ride down next to the daughter of a woman who, running for office in NH in the early '70's, tussled with the Union Leader and, very likely, my grandfather. So that was interesting. The daughter is a clown but more of the European style and had just been in Finland, I think, performing. She also used to train Macys employees for the Thanksgiving day parade.

I was all excited to work on the bus, which has outlets and free Wi-Fi, but when I got to the bus station I discovered that though I'd brought all my laptop accessories, including my laptop bag, I had forgotten my laptop. Which is typical for me. I was pretty anxious about remembering everything, too anxious, really, and I ADD-ed it. Luckily I had knitting and a book and my iPod Sheena so it was all groovy.

In NYC itself I took a hot yoga class in Union Square (was staying in Chelsea). Walking there at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday was pretty neat because the streets were so quiet. Later L and I went to Chinatown for some amazing dumplings and the streets definitely weren't quiet. I also saw a lot of smeared doody on the sidewalks and a guy peeing as we walked by; we had to skirt the river he was creating. Oh and they were having this open house weekend so L and I toured a really cool carriage house in the Village. The owners weren't home but there kitties were; one, a fatty, was sitting by the sign-in book giving everyone the stinkeye. The other was old and skinny and liked the loves; he was seated on top of a book featuring the house and refused by way of not moving his fuzzy butt to let people turn the page.

I did enjoy seeing L. She is a fine hostess. I will probably go back before she comes home in December.

B: I was on the phone with Dr. Moo right after I got back from NYC; her bf was making dinner. He said "When is your sister going to write about the first time she farted in front of me?" Well here you go, buddy. It was Friday night, Deerfield Fair weekend. Dr. Moo and I were just about to blow out the candles on a birthday cake (we did a dual celebration since we were both home). I let one rip. Moo's bf was pleased. Moo had been trying to explain to him when it is and is not OK to cut the cheese. In a restaurant, not OK. At your parents' house, OK. So think of it as a little demonstration. Of course, you must also know your audience. And the crowd that night was a little low on gas, if you catch my drift. Wocka-wocka-wocka!

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