Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Urine next!"

...would be what the wife of a urologist said to me as she tottered tipsily from the loo Sunday night at Hammersley's Bistro, where McMumsy had taken me to eat. It is Little Brother's favorite restaurant (I had the shock of my life eating roast chicken prepared by LB using their famous recipe. My previous chicken experiences with him involved Hungry Man.) and it was tasty but dang is it expensive! 25 to 38 dollars an entree and if you want broccoli it'll cost you an additional eight bucks. The food is of course divine, and you do get plenty to eat even if you don't get broccoli.

Anyhoo I had this fiddling-while-Rome-burns feeling eating there, what with the economy in the shitter and all, even though I was eating on McMumsy's dime. I think it was the urologist's wife that sealed it for me, that and feeling very contentedly closed off from the big ugly world while eating tasty food like this was something we did every night.

And in fact it has become something I do every night, at least this week...last night L, my German friend, and Carmen took me to a fancy pizza joint and sang happy birthday over a pink candle stuck in a tub of avocado; tonight my friend A is bringing me to Persephone. She is a food editor and has been "invited" to a dinner there so I am hoping for all manners of swank deliciousness. And honestly, it all makes sense given the way my own life has been going lately: if I experienced lack in a bull market, why shouldn't I experience luxury in a bear one?



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