Monday, September 14, 2009

McMumsy = Helen Mirren

Went on a dress-hunting trip yesterday with McMumsy and a childhood friend of Dr. Moo's (one of three of her childhood friends who are more like family, now). I have yet to find what Dr. Moo would really like me to wear: a green velvet Oscar-type dress. I found a lot of gorgeous blue silk floor-length dresses, a couple of meh brown numbers, and one ugly green thing. I'm hopeful that as we get closer to the holiday season, more options will appear. (I should note that I have distaste for the entire bridesmaid dress industry; I think they make a shoddy product, and then jack up the price. So I refuse to give them my money and have been looking at - and will continue to look at - other options.)

Anyhoo, the surprise of the day came when McMumsy put on this tuxedo-ish mermaid dress, black with a black-and-white jacket. She looked, in the words of that anorexic stylist whose reality show I unfortunately anticipate just a wee bit every week, a-mazing. Remember those bikini shots of Helen Mirren? It was similar in terms of shock level. McMumsy is a schoolteacher and she dresses like one. She also has had cankles for years, which I never realized until she told me, because everything she wears is ankle-length. Well, except for when she's running around in her underwear, which, again unfortunately, both she and PolackPappy do. And when you complain about it they chase you around. So it's best to just pretend like everyone is fully dressed and look at the dog.

I don't think McMumsy is going to get the va-va-voom dress. I'm bummed. Let me tell you, it would make for quite a spectacle if she were to fling open the doors of the church and march down the aisle in it. But as she rightly noted, it is Dr. Moo's day to shine.

And shine she will.


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