Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"He can't handle the farting."

Last weekend Dr. Moo brought her new husband along with her to help her roll a cow. Rolling a cow is a maneuver you do to fix an ailment -- sort of like with inner ear issues in people -- but the former involves a lot of loud, smelly flatulence on the part of the patient.

Mr. Moo, as Dr. Moo's husband shall now be known, was a big help except for one issue: He couldn't stop laughing. Just like PolackPappy, Mr. Moo never met an air biscuit he didn't like. Unfortunately for Mr. Moo, his lovely wife is a doc-tohr, thank you very much, and failed to see the (incredibly obvious) humor in newlyweds working together to roll a large mooing farting cow around.

On a side disgusting note, when Dr. Moo called to tell me the above story she was on her way home from cutting into a cow who had died the day before. She smelled terrible, owing, you know what? I'm going to spare you the details.

You're welcome.


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