Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finally got a cholesterol test after many, many, mannnnnnnnny years. McMumsy and PolackPappy both have high cholesterol. I think they take medication-actually, I have no idea if they take medication. But I told the PA they do. And when she heard that she said it would be good for me to "delay the onset" of having to take cholesterol medication for as long as possible.

Um, what? I am not going to HAVE to take cholesterol medication.


My bad cholesterol is at the moment a smidge high. I eat an extraordinary amount of butter, so this does not surprise me. But when it comes to the good cholesterol, I am a supahstah. It's a wicked 'igh numbah, baby.

Honestly the whole doctor experience makes me anxious. I hate it. And I hate it because of the finance aspect. It is the worst fucking thing in the world to know that if you get really sick, you could either, a, not be able to afford treatment and end up dead or, b, end up in a ginormous amount of debt. If I don't go to the doctor, I don't have to think about that sort of thing.

But of course it is by going to the doctor regularly that one potentially avoids letting an illness reach critical mass.

Ah me.


Blogger Heidi said...

cholesterol smolesterol. i've been veg for awhile and i've got allegedly 'hi' cholest. blllppptt.
anyway, took the gremlin to the drs today. w/o insurance and expect a $300.00 bill in the near future. YEAH!!!!

9:36 PM, March 17, 2010

Blogger McPolack said...

Dang. You win.

10:00 AM, March 19, 2010


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