Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitty update

Well my little fuzzball is staying over at the vet's tonight and has been there most of the day. I brought her back this morning after being up until 2 in the morning worrying and fretting over her while cuddling and snorfling her as she lay in bed with me. She was trembling with fear in the office, but honestly that's because I made her the spoiled princess she is. The vet is wonderful.

But still, when I came home, I did some work, then lay in my bed and cried.

The vet just called and said her bloodwork looks good, and they were able to syringe-feed her twice and she's bright and alert. It may be a case of just needing to jump-start her appetite, as when kitties get nauseous they will sometimes stop eating all together and get into a downward spiral unless you intervene.

I feel relieved and hopeful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your kitty is better now. --Heidi

3:10 PM, February 28, 2010


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