Monday, February 15, 2010

Dream vacation

Last night I had an anxiety dream about my trip to Europe; in it, I forgot that you need to get to the airport extra-early when you're flying out of the country, and did my usual waffling I do in waking life before I have to go out. Then I tried to get a train but when I took the elevator down to the train platform it had been turned into a storage unit. Then I tried and failed to get a cab. And realized I couldn't call my cousin to tell him where I was because I didn't have a cell phone (no cp in waking life either).

I felt terrible. Just awful, awful regret and shame. Also? A shriveled up old nasty former boss of mine was trying to get to the airport, too. I could feel her silently judging me.

Anyhoo, when I got back from a last-minute trip to the Monadnock region with my food writer friend and her utterly delicious son, who toddles about so fetchingly that it makes me want to get octoknocked up, there was an email from cousin B. I wrote and told him of my dream. He immediately called and said not to worry. He can have his mom drive him to the airport and they will pick me up on the way.


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