Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I feel boring lately

At least in terms of this blog. I did go on a blind date a couple of weeks ago, a setup. Didn't feel any sparks but the man was nice and attractive. So at least the quality of the dates is improving. Of course what I really liked about the date was that we went to the Audubon Center and they had birds! Like a barred owl, who was gorgeous. I just stood and stared at her. So neat! There was also a raven and we caught him at feeding time. Apparently you can buy whole feathered frozen quail, along with frozen rats and other small animalsicles. The raven ate his defrosted.

I noticed a defrosted ratty-rat stuck in the links of the raven's cage. The raven has a band of wild raven buddies. When it's time to eat he calls out to them; they fly in and he shares his meal.


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