Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Finally managed to do a birthday dinner for Walnut tonight. Also finally learning it is better to do a thing but not say you are before, in case you are unable to do the thing you said you were going to do until much later.

I am tired. Can you tell?

Anyhoo, I baked a great big chocolate cake with three-sticks-of-buttercream frosting. And made spinach with lemon and garlic. And french lentils with mirepoix and sausages. And we ate almost all the rest of the French Laundry butter, on yummy bread Walnut brought. It was good.

Walnut noted something I've always secretly thought-that I'd make a perfect '50's housewife. It's true. I make a sweet, mean layer cake and serve it on cupcake-shaped dessert plates. I buy meat in bulk and freeze it. I preserve raspberries. I wear flowery aprons.

The only problem is that I am pretty much the opposite of submissive. But other than that it's June Cleaver all the way, baby!


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