Thursday, January 14, 2010

People people people

Had more people in my apartment at one time than I ever have before: 7, counting me. For a one-bedroom, that's kind of a lot. I hosted book club. It went well. I served pirogi and rolls with sugared raspberries, some bean dip, and roasted broccoli. Unfortunately for my guests, who skipped the part of my e-mail that said I have no decent booze accouterments, opening the bottle of wine they brought was a bit of a hassle.

JoyceFrances was also in town, as you can see from yesterday's video. She wanted to check out a teacher at a yoga studio downtown and she paid for part of a two-week unlimited introductory membership for me. Now all I need to do is get my bum on the train and I can try doing yoga every day. I cooked for her this morning-just scrambled eggs, rolls, and reheated pirogi, but it was nice-and she taught me how to hula-hoop. It made me want to buy one of these. Once you know the secret, hula-hooping is way easy.


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