Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Polack Driving Gene

Little Brother graciously agreed to drive my ass home from the wedding. We hit the road early in his Audi, as it was snowing. A lot. Burlington, less than an hour north, got a total of 33 inches of snow and while Middlebury didn't get quite so much, it was pretty crappy out.

Naturally this was a perfect time to take the Audi up the Middlebury Gap! That'd be a mountain pass. In a snowstorm. Why not? When I was in college in Burlington PolackPappy drove me back in a blizzard, in one of several aged Volvos he's owned over the years. We had to keep pulling over to wipe snow off the windshield. Pp refused to stay over in my dorm and ended up pulling off the interstate in Barre and sleeping in his car.

As luck would have it, Little Brother's German automobile pooped out just as we were climbing the first hill. We rolled back into town and called our newest family member, who came and picked us up. It was a wonderful welcome to the McPolack family. In a fine passing of the torch to the next generation, Little Brother ended up driving us back to Boston in Pp's dress Volvo. (The work Volvo no longer has its passenger seat.) Pp rode beside him.


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