Monday, January 11, 2010


Just got back from visiting with Dr. Moo and her husband as they dropped off Little Brother's car on their way through to NYC. Moo is most excited to take a spin class tomorrow morning at the same place the Cosmo Radio girls, Kelly Ripa, and Chelsea Clinton ride. It's 32 dollars for 45 minutes, plus three bucks to rent shoes. Yowza.

I quickly ran a passage from Nowle's Passing, the book I'm reading for book club, by Dr. Moo. The book is by a woman who lives on a cow farm and is about a dairy farm murder. I don't recommend it; I found it too overwritten--but the cow stuff is apparently spot-on. As I read a dramatic cow-death scene to Moo she said "Milk fever!" and that in fact is just what the cow had. The author also got the tears right-when you turn a cow's head to the side, the cow cries.


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