Monday, January 25, 2010

Trust in God but keep rowing

I just said a rosary (I went with the Joyful Mysteries) while listening to some folks from my parents' church recite it on Sheena. I think the male reciter might be the mustachioed weirdo McMumsy wanted to fix me up with. He appears to be living in a parallel dimension, and in that dimension it is 1983. Since I was not of marrying age then, I declined.

I reprised my role as Natasha on Friday, serving pizza to nine people. One of them was a real red-headed stepchild, if you know what I mean. In case you don't:

He had red hair
He was only 25 yet thought it was OK to...
...mock me when I slipped from a Russian to an Irish accent

And it wasn't a friendly mocking. He irritated me.

I'll have more observations on Albany tomorrow. Now, I must watch The Bachelor. And check out day hikes in the Swiss Alps during the commercial breaks.


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