Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I debated over whether or not to even tell this story for fear of coming across like an a-hole but maybe it's better to have confirmation so I can work on that part of myself.

The relationship between black people and white people and rich people and poor people and crazy people and not-crazy people in Albany is much, much different than here. Everybody talks to everybody else and it is all very nonchalant. No one wants anything. OK occasionally a crackhead needs money for a "bus ticket" on a Sunday morning but other than that it's just...nice. Even the crackheads. It's different than Baltimore, where the people were even friendlier but when you turned on the tv news it was Homicide: Life on the Street only for real.

I love many things about New England but sometimes I don't love that we all sit in our magic invisible bubbles pretending we are the only people on earth.


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