Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That would be what my tummy has been doing for two days now. There's some kind of stomach bug going around and I think I've got it.

Of course my entire GI tract is cast-iron so I went to the gym this morning despite my illness and to the post office to complete my passport application this afternoon. But I had to lay down when I got home from the gym.

Tomorrow is the annual meeting at the cable-access station and I'm going to attend. The mayor is going to be there! And there's a raffle. I'm sorry to all (especially you, Joe) that I never was able to get F or B online. I will look into it at the meeting, though, because we have a sweet new studio. And last week a creepy weirdo called in when I was trying to hug my depressed cohost and chastised him for ignoring such a beautiful woman. If they think you're pretty that means they're not going to peel your skin off and wear it as a suit, right?


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