Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three new nicknames for my kitteh

Kisses McFace

In other McPolack news, I signed up to take the Census employment test. The woman who took my call said I have excellent diction. She is an out-of-work bilingual editor.

Hopefully I won't need to reschedule the test. You need to bring id with you and my birth certificate is in the hands of the United States government at the moment. They needed it to issue me a passport. So I went and ordered a copy of my bc online. I paid for two-day service but apparently it still takes more than two days.

I was wondering just how they were going to verify my identity-I mean, anyone could if they tried hard enough find out when I was born and who my parents are. Turns out they ask you a bunch of different questions. With multiple-choice answers. It is a little freaky.

Anyhoo, here's to getting a well-paying part-time Census job that does not involve getting shot at!


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