Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moo juice

So Dr. Moo called tonight needing to vent about her busy day. Normally this means I'll be listening to words like "pus" and "gushing" and "stinky."

But not today! Today Dr. Moo was late to a herd check because she got called to a calving and had to perform a C-section. After the C-section, which like in women had to be performed because the momma cow's hips were too small for the calf to fit through, the momma cow couldn't get up. So Dr. Moo stuck tiny electrified needles at various points on the momma cow, then turned up the juice until the cow jumped. But only a little! You have to make sure the cow is getting enough electricity, and this is the only way to tell. (Also, while the cow is being treated her tail pulses.)

The farmer called Dr. Moo later in the day to say the downed cow had gotten up.

I went ahead and did a little Interwebs research just to be sure that bovine electroacupuncture is for reals; Dr. Moo has lied to me before. Because if you tell me things in a sincere voice, I tend to believe them, even if they are very, very ridiculous.

Well I can assure you, world, that it is for reals. You can even buy yourself a desktop cow to practice on.


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