Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today at the LNFU I learned about an underground route from one building to another, one that involves opening an unmarked door in a basement, entering one room full of big metal machines with small doors and smaller gauges, then hawing once and hawing again through another door and into a room with meters on a wall in a wire cage. Plus a few more steps I shan't reveal. I told the woman leading the way about PolackPappy's tale of the time he was in another subterranean portion of the LNFU-the place where they kept the stock certificates back in the day. There were boxes and boxes of them, according to PP, papers spilling out all over the place.

I have not run across such things in my time at the LNFU but I do every now and then see something really neat. Last week it was a gorgeous antique postage scale. It was big and black with lovely white-painted lettering. And it's still in use! Naturally, it lives in a basement.


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