Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy busy busy

More living than usual these days, which leaves less time for writing. Good to fill up the story tank, tho'. Today we'll have a brief interruption in the European vacation tales for the latest from Dr. Moo...

Moo Un: Dr. Moo tried her best to creep in at 1:00 on a Monday morning after untwisting a twisted cow uterus. She stepped on half a dead mouse and managed to keep it together, allowing Mr. Moo to get his much-needed beauty sleep, but when she stepped in the pile of cold cat puke, she screamed.

Moo Deux: Apparently my formerly vegetarian (for 20 years!) sister is considering raising calves for veal. Of course, this being a McPolack farmer, it's not what you think. Moo is hoping to save more animals like Beefy Chunks from an early and terrible demise. Her whole reason for being a veg in the first place was that the animals raised for meat are ill-treated. If she knows the animal has a good life, she'll eat it.

Anyhoo, there's apparently a heifer available whose sideways teat makes her unfit for the milking machine. Dr. Moo will use that heifer to feed all the baby beef cows born on dairy farms, who she'll transport to her backyard where they'll enjoy sideways-teat milk and a happy existence for a few months until being humanely slaughtered and sold, thus funding future baby beef cows.

I think it's a wonderful idea.


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