Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Toe Thumb

Mannnnnnnnnny members of the Mc side of the McPolack family sucked their thumbs for longer than is considered normal. Dr. Moo did not, but this is because she sucked her thumb in utero so aggressively that it is permanently deformed. It looks like a big toe.

And now, thanks to a needle stick, it looks like a REALLY big toe. She poked herself with a vaccine for pinkeye and black leg. It's meant for cows, obviously, and it's so potent that all the cells in her thumb are inflamed and are going to stay that way for 7 to 10 days. When Mr. Moo asked her to stick her big toe thumb between one of her real big toes and the toe next to it, for a double-big-toe photo op, she wanted to but couldn't because it hurt too much to squeeze her sausage-sized thumb in there.

In other Moo news, Dr. and the Mr. were at a wedding Saturday night which featured a giant dance floor and a mechanical bull, all in a field outside. At 11:00 Moo was called in for a twisted uterus. She brought Mr. with her. Mr. was drunk and in fancy clothes. The hired man was drunk, too, and his wife had to drive him over. Luckily there were enough coveralls for all, nobody threw up, and the calf was delivered safely. Just another Saturday night in the life of Vermontahs.


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