Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby nom nom

I went for a run on Friday and as the weatherfolks had f'ed up the forecast yet again, I got dehydrated. It was hooooooooooooootter than they said it would be, and I didn't drink enough water.

I managed to get myself out the door later that day, despite feeling icky, to meet my friend A and her daughter Daisy at Mr. Crepe, where I played every five-year-old's dream mobile phone app, Fairy Princess Dress-up, with an actual five-year old, and learned what was new with that kid's kid sister, baby Nancy, who is less than two months old.

Apparently baby Nancy got herself into a bit of a pickle one afternoon while lounging on her back beneath a fabric mobile. She managed to wiggle herself in such a way that a stuffed star was plopped right on top of her face. After determining she wasn't going to suffocate, the rest of Nancy's family decided to let her figure things out for herself.

After a period of intense concentration, Nancy opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to eat her way out.


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