Monday, August 09, 2010

Catching up

McMumsy called this evening to tell me that Chauncey the Wonder Corgi, whom I babysat this weekend, had a run-in with the creature who's been eating up Ethel the barn kitty's chow.

And that creature is a skunk.

Luckily Mr. C only got spritzed in the face. Luckily for my parents, that is. Of course Chauncey proceeded to rub his beak on multiple carpets and so the house is stinky but McMumsy has decided to just live with the smell for awhile as opposed to try to get rid of it.

Her laissez faire attitude towards cleanliness is one reason why Dr. Moo is comfortable hopping on a treadmill at the gym despite reeking of cow effluvia, why Little Brother, when I asked him to grab an olive container out of the trash, did so without a second thought, and why I am comfortable with this method of removing excess food from dishes:

Another reason is PolackPappy.


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