Monday, July 19, 2010

Doggy down, for good

Dr. Moo was making lunch on Friday while Jimberley James the Horrible Hound gamboled about in the invisibly-fenced yard when she heard a loud thunk. She looked out the window and saw a dump truck but no Jim, and thought nothing of it. But when several seconds passed and no Jim appeared, she stepped outside.

Jim was laying on his side next to the truck. He was still alive, but Dr. Moo could see his injuries were not survivable. She ran to her truck to get medicine to put him to sleep but Jim died in the brief amount of time it took her to do so.

From talking with the dump truck driver and seeing the large piece of metal that had broken off the dump truck in the collision, Dr. Moo realized Jim hadn't been run over. He'd run into the very large vehicle. Jim didn't like loud noises but had recently begun fighting back, e.g. he bit the vacuum cleaner. So Moo thinks he was trying to make the dump truck stop being loud, which is why he - for the first, and sadly last, time - broke through the invisible fence.

After moving Jim's body out of the road, Dr. Moo had Mr. Moo dig a grave back by the burn pile.

We're celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss between McMumsy and PolackPappy on Saturday. Jim has been part of the McPolack family for just a year and a half but it was more than enough time for him to make his mark.

He was a wonderful, wonderful doggy.


Blogger cb said...

I'm truly, truly sorry.

7:32 PM, July 19, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, that is sad. I'm hoping he didn't suffer long and that only happy memories flooded his mind as he went. :(

7:00 AM, July 20, 2010

Anonymous Thursday said...

Really sorry, condolences to all.

7:53 AM, July 20, 2010

Blogger McPolack said...

Thanks, guys.

10:22 AM, July 21, 2010


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