Monday, July 12, 2010

Stink Plant Update!

This afternoon I visited the stink plant. It bloomed Sunday evening but still had a decent amount of rot-smell at noon today-and a bevy of camera-wielding admirers. I forgot my camera, but other people had theirs, and there were several nose-holding shots taken which I will post if/when I find them.

Unfortunately only one fly had visited in the roughly 16 hours since the plant opened. There was a mosquito laying at the bottom when I peered in to get a closer look/whiff, obviously not a very smart mosquito. After tonight, the stink plant's keeper is going to cut the plant down, chop it up, and dry it. Which is done in a highly technical fashion: by pressing it between newspapers and cardboard and putting a weight on top.

In other McPolack news, PolackPappy entered his 70th year yesterday. He was celebrating by cooking chicken on the grill. For McMumsy. He did tell me he was no longer middle-aged and I tried to cheer him up by saying he might be old but he's young-old. Technically he is baby-old. I don't consider a person old-old these days until they're 90. And besides, PP spends a good five minutes each night chasing Harry the Wonder Chinchilla around the family room with a broom. If that's not spry I don't know what is.


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