Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shake and bake

I didn't feel the Quebecois earthquake that hit earlier today, although one of the other folks in the lab at the lnfu said she saw the lights moving a lot-so much so that she thought she was seeing things. Interestingly, I heard someone who experienced a much larger earthquake give a similar description on an NPR podcast recently.

Between this and the giant forest fires that blew smoke through my neighborhood, the Canadian Mother Nature has been making herself known lately.

I've been having conversations around what sorts of natural disasters/incidents people are scared of. One friend is way frightened of tornadoes and has offered to panic on command. Other folks have reported a fear of thunderstorms, or earthquakes. Even toxic mold.

I'm not really freaked out by natural disasters. I'm much more freaked out about being destitute, and losing my teeth because I can't afford dental insurance.


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