Monday, June 07, 2010

Humidity make Hulk mad

We seem to already be having a horrid Southern/Midwestern-style summer with wicked humidity and scary storms, despite the fact that it's the Northeast and it's still technically spring. I was woken up by a crazy storm early one morning last week and it was the talk of the Camberville area; people at book club were freaked out, as were people at the baby shower I went to on Sunday. I shared helpful tips about what to do if there's a tornado. Hiding on your bed with your arms over your head will only result in a trip to Oz, and that's if you're lucky.

In other McPolack news, Dr. Moo may be getting a team of oxen for her birthday. Woot! In other other McPolack news, I went to the first farmer's market of the season on Saturday in Union Square. Eggs were going for 7 dollars a dozen. I am not kidding. I think the chickens must be extortionists. I did get some lovely arugula from some of the finest-looking hippies I've seen in a long time. Later that same day, at Riverfest in Cambridge, there were some not-so-fine-looking hippie/punk hybrid girls writhing slowly in the middle of Memorial Drive. It was supposed to be performance art. Someone needs to tell them that taking psychedelic drugs is only interesting for the person on the drug. It's pretty boring for everyone else.


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