Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm writing a rare Sunday post because it feels right, given the subject matter. It's a holy thing. My sister-in-law is pregnant. With twins, one boy and one girl. She's due November 1, which means if she goes early enough, which sometimes happens with twins, she'll have some Libras. Like me!

Of course I am happy for them, and for McMumsy and PolackPappy, who have said they were OK without grandchildren, so as not to trouble any of their children, but come on. Who is happy without grandchildren? It's high time there was another round of McPolack.

Finally, because I can't not say it: I told McMumsy at Easter that I thought sis-in-law was pregnant. McMumsy insisted she wasn't, and I certainly hadn't been told. But I could so tell. Because of my psychic vagina. And also because the s-i-l was showing. Dr. Moo didn't believe me at the time, either. But a lady whose sex education came from a very early edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves is, despite not having seen any action in a long time, quite in touch with her lady parts, and the lady parts of others. It's a tribal woman thing, I think.


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