Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Murtaugh McPolack

McMumsy paid to join some sort of genealogy website and has been using it to research the history of both the Mc and Polack sides of the family. And to find out some sweet baby names. I'm glad that Little Brother is continuing the family name tradition. I know there's nothing wrong with picking a name because you like it, but it feels right to name at least one kid after a dead or living relative.

There was a Murtaugh on the Mc side of the family. Now that's a name.

On the Polack side, McMumsy discovered that, a, the Babcia was in 1920 living with a whole lotta people in a triple decker in Southie, not all of them related. And, b, that the census workers in 1920 were really bad spellers. She also managed to figure out what boat my Grammy Mc's grandfather (I think) came to this country on.

I like that she's doing this. When we were kids, McMumsy and Auntie P would pile us into a red station wagon and a blue loser cruiser (there were too many kids for one car) every Memorial Day for graveyard vistin'! Because we come from a long line of good (read: fertile) Irish Catholics, there were (are) a lot of dead Mcs to visit. So many that we had to stop by two cemeteries in the same area. There were two cemeteries owing to one of them getting filled to the brim with dead folks. Because regardless of how healthy the 18 bajillion babies you have for the Pope are, at some point you end up with 18 bajillion corpses.

Ever the overachievers, one of the Mcs managed to die at the perfect time to score one of the front-most plots in the new cemetery.


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