Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hack hack

Long time no post and with good reason. Whilst breakfasting, and perusing my email at 8:00 am on Thursday, I watched as someone hacked into it, and then hacked into another account-and changed the password on that one-and then proceeded to spam everyone I know with a message saying I'd been assaulted in a foreign land and needed money, bad.

I almost immediately deleted an email account I've had since college. That sucked. I managed to save another email account, thankfully. But I lost a day changing every password I could think of, and had to deal with some boob at Commonwealth Choice who was stupid, but thought she was smart, and was trying to tell me what electronic payments are all about. Argh! I just let her blather on and hung up as quickly as I could.

Anyhoo, although McMumsy did call me as soon as she read the offending email, it was my sister-in-law who shall be my Russell Crowe, Proof-of-Life-wise. 15 minutes after I figured out what was going on, Little Brother called to say s-i-l had called him about the weirdness. That woman is on the ball. Damn.

In other McPolack news, lots happened. Such as, I visited the McPolack homestead garden and out of the many seeds I put in the ground, I have two beets, two melon vines with no melons, some basil, and two of what may be parsnips but also may be weeds. It's been a really good year for wild raspberries, though, and for bugs that like to feed on wild raspberries. I picked a bunch of berries and noticed a wee spider in the pile so I poured the cup out to remove the spider and mannnnnnnny other worms and beetles, all teeny-tiny, made themselves known. I'm all for a little insect protein with my fruit, but that was groh-dee.


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