Friday, July 16, 2010


The positive side of feeling like crap is the opportunity to try multiple crap cures. At the moment I am doing the cure of action. It involves no sitting around.

OK it involves a little sitting around. But only because the heat and humidity have returned. (I am grateful for the two nights I did not require air conditioning to sleep.) I just finished vacuuming and got very schwassy. Schwassy is a term I learned from Mr. Moo and it is a combo of the words sweaty and ass, with a little Peter-Brady-as-Humphrey-Bogart thrown in.

I am also schwbooby. I told my friend JoyceFrances that I was having schwbooby issues and that I was using paper towels to deal with the situation, and she laughed at me.

So now I am using orphaned socks.

Last night I was bitching to McMumsy about the landlord and she remarked that capitalist and pig are interchangeable.

Amen to that.


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