Monday, July 26, 2010


While taking a pre-dinner dip in the pool on Saturday evening, the immediate McPolack family was discussing the next generation, currently in residence in Sister-in-Law's uterus. Little Brother is of course on full-time litter box duty and he mentioned that, as with all kitties, as soon as he finished cleaning the litterbox, a kitty jumped in and sullied it anew.

I mentioned a friend I'd visited earlier in the day had been checking out daycare centers. One of them smelled like dog pee, and the owner included her pet German shepherd as a selling point. Not for protection, just that the dog would hang out with your kids. Because there's nothing safer than a room full of toddlers face-level with an animal capable of ripping their throats out.

The fact that kitties wouldn't hurt kids was discussed, at which point McMumsy suggested that perhaps LB and S-I-L's pair of felines might even create a mobile out of their dingles for the babies to bat around.


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