Thursday, August 19, 2010

En Route

Dr. Moo's brief hound-less period will soon be over, as a van carrying Ned the walker hound just left Ohio and will arrive tomorrow morning at a NH parking lot where McMumsy and PolackPappy await. (Mr. Moo is picking up Ned, along with a washing machine, on Sunday.)

Ned was recently in prison, where his cellmate taught him to do all sorts of things. Dr. Moo got a fax from the prisoner that noted Ned can sit and stay. The fax also noted that Ned has a lump in one of his ball sacs. "What is a prisoner doing feeling up a dog's ball sac?" questioned one of Dr. Moo's friends.

Come on, now.

I wondered if, unlike Jim (*sniff*), who brought toys with him in his tummy, Ned would carry them in his rectum. Ha! Or if he's learned how to make his own shivs out of everyday household items. Ha ha!

McMumsy says she's worried Ned has been taught secret commands so if, for example, you ask someone to "pass the butter" at dinner, Ned leaps up and rips your face off.

All kidding aside, I am looking forward to meeting the latest addition to the McPolack menagerie.


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