Monday, August 23, 2010


While Ned took a truck overnight from Ohio to NH, many hundreds of fleas chose to ride the Ned Express. Nobody is sure how he got so infested but since he agreed to swallow half the medicine the driver gave him PolackPappy ended up with half the number of bites, plus what looked like pepper (but was in fact dead fleas) covering the back of the dress Volvo.

Because of the fleabaggery Ned was driven straight to Vermont and so I did not get to meet him in person. I did however get to talk to Dr. Moo as Ned took his inaugural VT dump, and later quenched his thirst by drinking the toilet bowl dry.

Although Ned is reportedly scared of Mr. Moo he did travel back to NH with MM to pick up a washing machine. And unlike Jim, Ned has yet to show an interest in racing cows.


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