Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm kind of a virtual jerk

So Walnut gave me her old iPod touch and she left all her stuff on there, including the Sims. And I have become a tad obsessed with the Sims. It is a virtual world game app thingy where you create a character, dress her (or him but no shims yet although Sim Shims would be a neat idea) up, give her certain character traits - mine is a maniac I named Ivory - and then just make her do stuff.

So far mine has stolen someone's boyfriend and married him, slapped and humiliated her boss, barged into multiple peoples' houses and used their without asking, and harvested 10 tomatoes. I've been trying to get pregnant but I think my husband's lack of attention span, combined with my being a maniac, may be causing problems.

In the real world I am uber-busy. Editing, plus school's in session at the LNFU plus I leave for Europe verrrrrrrrrrry soon!


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