Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Senor Gato

Like many modern Americans, I travel with a stuffed animal.

OK who am I kidding. I'd never been off the continent in my life before three weeks ago and I'm still able to count without running out of fingers the number of times I've flown in a plane.

And I'm a stuffed animal wackadoo. I've noted before that one reason I knew my sister-in-law would fit in perfectly was because like us, her stuffed animals have distinct personalities and life histories. In fact, my brother isn't allowed to buy her stuffed animals b/c she needs to meet each critter first and will only make a purchase if that critter and she make a connection.

Anyhoo, I've had this stuffed kitty with a crazy look in its eyes hanging out in my bedroom for awhile now, and since I was going to be away from my real-life furball, I decided to bring him along to Europe. Yes, him. Once I got to know him, he told me his name was Senor Gato, and that he is a telenovela star who had to flee Mexico due to kidnapping threats. Cousin B and I shot an art film starting Senor Gato in the bathroom of our hotel in Cologne but that's still being edited. In the meantime, here are a series of photos of S.G. enjoying The Continent...

Senor Gato helping me blog in Venice

Getting his beauty sleep in Rome.

In the cab from Cologne to the airport. I like how excited he looks here. I was excited, too.

Cat-napping in his very Swiss bed in Stelvio.

Posing with his personal assistant at Lake Garda.

Watching the boats go by on the Grand Canal in Venice. He got miao-miaoed at here and was very pleased.

One of Senor Gato's ancestors educating the humans in the Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Keeping an eye on Cousin B as he showers. You never know when a diabetic coma's going to hit! Unfortunately Cousin B did not appreciate Senor Gato's efforts, and kicked across the room soon after this picture was taken. In fact Cousin B in general took offense to the kitty, and whenever Senor Gato tried to give him goodnight kisses, he punched him in the face. I think this is because Cousin B directed Senor Gato in the aforementioned German art film, and there was tension, because they are both metrosexual divas.


Blogger Noella said...

Haha, I love Senor Gato!

5:44 PM, October 17, 2010

Blogger kw13 said... that the same Senor Gato that kept me company last winter? I hope he and Cousin B made up after the swift kick across the room!

2:44 PM, October 19, 2010


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