Monday, August 14, 2006

When we were young...

Spent the last social piece of a whirlwind weekend (movie at the Hatch Shell on Friday, tea at the Ritz-Carlton on Saturday, lunch at MacDowell Colony on Sunday) at a party for my dahling friend KaKa who I have known since I was 15. KaKa is a certified smoking hottie with strawberry blonde hair down to her waist and nice ta-tas (although mine are bigger) and she's smart too -- the party was in honor of her getting her Master's.

Anyhoo it had been awhile since I'd sat down and chatted with her parents, at whose home I spent many a night, and around whose table I ate many a dinner. Her parents used to wake us up on Sunday afternoon by vacuuming and then her dad would make us pancakes. We were chatting and her dad was talking to me about what it was like to have children, especially the worry. I shared with him that KaKa and I had mainly innocent fun.

Including the time she and I drove past the exit for the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem NH where we were SO sick of going. But not to go to Boston, mind you, which was where one of her other brothers was heading (or coming home from) when he flipped his car, oh, no, we weren't doing anything quite so naughty. I was pulling into the passing lane and slowing my car to the same speed as the one in the travel lane. Then Katie would roll down the window, hike her skirt up, and stick her holey-granny-pantied ass out the window while I honked the horn.

"I'm glad I didn't know that was happening," is what I believe KaKa's dad said to me.


Anonymous Thursday said...

Fun times, I'll be bound.

5:10 AM, August 15, 2006


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