Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My fingers are bleeding

I have been typing typing typing all day, transcribing a focus group that featured, amusingly, a fat hairy man. How do I know he's fat and hairy? Because he used the words "man" and "boobs" in reference to his pectoral muscles and talked about what a pain it is to have an EKG, owing to the sticky goo on the nubbies they use to hold the electrodes in place yanking out your short and curlys.

So that's pleasant.

I'm a little frightened still by what's going to happen with my life in the future. Given my past, and even my present, I think that's normal, to a degree. But I can certainly worry less and pray more, and just get out and live. I'm for more of that. More life, less man boobs, please!

I did have a wonderful evening with L and my German friend. They're both testing the managerial waters in their careers and I loved sitting around the kitchen table eating bouillabaise and chatting. They're wonderful, lovely women and I'm glad they're in my life. Later we sat three long on the sofa, watched trashy TV, and ate cookies. I'm going to toot my own horn here: those cookies were fan-f*&*ing-tastic. I used Hershey dark (but not special dark) chips, white chocolate chips, and walnuts and shredded coconut that I toasted together in the oven before adding them to the mix. They are well worth the extra fat cell or 50 on your bum bum.


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