Monday, February 25, 2008

Things are finally looking up

It's the start of a much-needed upswing in my life. Here are three recent positive occurences:

1. I thought I had to mail-order one of my prescriptions from here on out, a big paint in the butt. Turns out I don't have to.

2. I ate dinner with a friend on Saturday and the friend she brought along, a handsome man in excellent shape, blushed when talking to me and paid for our dinner. No he is not romance material but still!

3. I got my credit reports for free today and they -- and this is a HUGE shock to me -- are really good. I mean, they're sparse, but there is NOTHING BAD in them.

4. The sun was out here for two days in a row.

Hello, happy times! I've really missed you...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding item number 2, are you saying he's not romance material for you, or are you speaking generally (ie. good looking door knob)?

11:56 PM, February 26, 2008

Blogger Overmatter said...

Did he blush when you said, "Her arms are vagina strong" ?

11:57 PM, February 26, 2008

Blogger McPolack said...

I would say mostly not for me. Just nothing at all in common, in different stages in our lives, different opinions on key things.

11:53 AM, February 27, 2008


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