Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I just flew in from Cambridge and boy are my wings tired

Today on the train, somewhere past Porter Square, I noticed a fat fuzzy bumblebee bumbling and buzzing above the head of the person seated in the furthest seat back on the right. Other people noticed, too, but nobody freaked out. Nobody swatted the bee. Nobody even said anything. I think it was because he was very lovable-looking. A yellowjacket wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds.

I felt bad for the bee as we passed over the salt-and-pepper bridge; he was buzzing especially close to the window at that point. If I'd had an empty plastic container with a lid, I would have captured him and set him free.

But I didn't. So instead I imagined he really meant to skip visiting the Charles and get off somewhere past JFK to spend time by the sea.


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