Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Family Gossip Line

Cousin Molls called last night when she heard I wouldn't be at Thanksgiving (owing to the babies). She wanted to know how the Europe trip went. We chatted for almost an hour and it was not nearly enough time to catch up on all that is in the Mc side of McPolack. We did discuss the new babies and I asked Molls if she would have skipped Thanksgiving if she had a newborn and she said no but then we're not her in-laws. Also, her mother hosts.

But when I told Molls about how I let my niece suck on my finger she was horrified. She said when her child was little she wouldn't have let ANYONE stick a finger in his mouth. And then I remembered ah, yes, cousin Molls became a bit of a freakazoid when her kid was born.

As OSB wisely noted, babies make everyone crazy. What power they have! I am much, much bigger and also smellier, but my crazy-making abilities pale in comparison.

Which is a good thing.


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