Sunday, February 27, 2011

Davos Schmavos

I've been transcribing some interesting things lately, including an interview with a major (not that I've ever heard of him but then I don't follow these things that closely) Wall Street player. I garnered the major bit from listening to him piss and moan about appearing demonized (my words) on the cover of a major (that I have heard of) newspaper.

He also talked about Davos, which is where the World Economic Forum is held, and four months ago I was in Davos, in a small parking lot across from a restaurant, with Cousin B, as he looked at directions.

And let me tell you something, people: Davos doesn't look like much. At least not in rainy September twilight from the passenger seat of a German automobile. I distinctly remember thinking "Is this it?" followed by "I don't get it."

Of course I blame the media for my overinflated view of a tiny mountain town. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense: most of the wealth and power in the world is concentrated amongst a very small number of people given the size of the overall population and the amount of overall currency. Is it any wonder that they would congregate in a tiny town?

They are both things which can seem enormous and shiny from afar but which in reality are small and dank.


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