Monday, February 21, 2011

Hork hork

The NY Times sez kids these days aren't blogging anymore, which given my lack of blogging lately makes me feel young again. As does the fact that I caught a nasty sick (yellow goo is slowly settling into my chest) from a two-year-old this weekend. Her parents didn't catch it but her five-year-old sister did.

When I called their mom to yell at her, I hollered "You made auntie McP sick!" as soon as I heard someone pick up on the other end. Of course I'd dialed the wrong number, but the older-sounding lady who answered was quite gracious.

Anyhoo, I wore fairy wings and put sneakers on the front feet and slippers on the back feet of a pony this weekend. For grown-up time I snowshoed Saturday and walked Sunday. Then it was back to kiddo time, where I scrambled some eggs while singing shake your booty, hooty hooty, and shook my booty. The two-year-old shook her booty too. The five-year old busied herself with smacking my shaking booty, one cheek after another and then back to the first, laughing all the while.


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