Friday, February 11, 2011

Clif Garboden

Found out some sad news in my travels on the Web today. I was introduced to Clif by one of my bosses at the alternative newspaper I worked at in Vermont, and though I doubt he would even remember me, I remember him. In the process of trying to figure myself out, I went on a few interviews at the BP, all of which arose from my initial conversation with Clif. In that conversation, he treated me, a very young woman in many more ways than age, with a lot of respect and honesty.

And what's key about the latter is that while he had a no-bullshit approach, he wasn't a jerk about it. There are people in the world who seem to need to smack other people in the face with the truth with a two-by-four -- they're doing it out of aggression. And they judge. Clif just told the truth.

I am lucky to have known him.


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