Monday, July 04, 2011

Kidney pie

At yesterday's McFourth, with a small dash of Polack - Pp and I were the only Pole-blooded attendees - I learned that one of my cousin's kidneys shriveled up at some point between birth and age 50-something, like a raisin. This was only discovered when said cousin underwent surgery and had a bad reaction to medication. After that news set in, another cousin held up her foot so we could see her abnormally tiny toes. She's missing a joint in all of them, so they're short. The nails are tiny, too. Such weirdness!

I said I was tired of all the secrets and I wanted to know everything. At which point Pp told me my real mother was a sheep. And then as I was leaving I called out "Bye Dad" to Pp but my goat-farmin' Uncle D responded instead.


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