Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hand dwyer

Today at the LNFU I was shown yet another secret underground passageway. Woot! I also revisited a loo I found that has the craziest hand dryer I've ever seen. Or should I say cwaziest, as it is made by the guy who said "I just think things should work pwoperwy."

The maker claims this hand dryer does its work in 6 to 10 seconds. I haven't timed it out, but it felt like longer to me. And it's not like I have man hands.

It did do a snappy job on my feet , though, when I stuck 'em in there after a stroll in the rain this afternoon. (I also dried my flippie-floppies.) I couldn't fit my whole foot in because I didn't want to touch the sides of the device, but I am quite grateful to yoga for making me flexible enough to stick it in there in the first place.


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