Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stinky Cheese

After our tour of the cemetery, McMumsy, PolackPappy and I stopped at Whole Paycheck (which Pp of course LOVED). We got some food and saw some more twitchers. These ones were vibrating in the direction of a hawk family nesting across the street.

Later, while drinking coffee and eating stilton, Pp waxed poetic about this French mountain sheep cheese that gets made over the course of a day and has ash in the middle that he used to buy when he visited Dr. Moo. It smelled so bad she wouldn't let him keep it in the house. Which is pretty ripe given the sort of aroma that wafts off Dr. Moo herself at the end of a busy day.

Anyhoo, Pp couldn't remember the name of the cheese. Suddenly Mm piped up, in her best French accent, what she thought it was: "diarrhea du shawn-say". Shawn-say as in Chauncey the Wonder Corgi. Diarrhea as in that's what he had last week because Dr. Moo's hill people hick hound dog gave him hookworm.


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