Thursday, May 05, 2011

You're welcome

Yesterday at lab meeting I learned about a special symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna. The flora is a pitcher plant. The fauna is a shrew. The picture shown was of a sheepish-looking shrew nestled so perfectly inside the pitcher plant that it seemed to be designed for him, and in fact it may have been.

Also I nearly peed myself laughing because here's how the symbiotic relationship works: The shrew hangs out atop the bowl of the pitcher plant, which produces sugary goo for him to enjoy. And digest. Ahem.

And then he craps di-rect-ly into the bowl of the pitcher plant, which is conveniently located below his poo-hole. And his poo helps the pitcher plant grow.

The lecture included a really great picture which you can see here. Note how embarrassed shrew looks. It's got a bit of that astronaut diaper feel.

On an unrelated note, there's this.


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